Moonlight and French Landscapes

Opening April 22 and running through May 17, 2003 is an exhibition of recent paintings by Rosalyn Jacobs. Ms. Jacobs who resides in France and NY has been exhibiting internationally for over 20 years and with this gallery for the last decade. The focus for this exhibition is French landscapes, some of which were painted using the moon as her light source.

Entitled "Moonlight and French Landscapes," Jacobs undertakes the process of intimate dialogue inspired by light. Whether under day or moonlight these works identify Rosalyn's passionate determination to stop time, register the moment of orderly chaos, and then move on to a succinct solidity of form. In accomplishing this feat she never compromises accurate depiction of atmosphere, form or content. In Moonlight 1, form, air and texture converge as a result of the painter's concise attunement to pure feeling. The subjective interaction with nature becomes even more pure because the light source is less recognizable by the mind and more evocative of the senses.

Jacobs' energetic use of paint is driven by a deep commitment to her tactile nature. Texture and color are part of a dynamic rendering of southwestern France's cliffs, river valleys and rolling hills. In Languedoc Sunflowers, Jacobs' brushwork creates rhythmic patterns and designs. The countryside is defined as a sort of pastoral of light passing through interweaving planes of opaqueness and transparency. She feels the spirit of the people who work the land and respectfully shares their sense of order and aesthetics. Hers is a statement of the French culture as much as it is a rendering of nature. The paintings in this exhibition are personal validations of true feeling and sensations of a culture committed to the preservation of beauty.

We are moved by Jacobs' depiction of nature both in nuance and panorama. In a still life, such as Still Life with Geraniums, all of nature is reduced to a microcosm of form riveted by gravity and stirred by the power of light. In her landscapes, all of nature's glory is a celebration saturated by brilliant pigment and a multitude of varying textures in a lyrical composition. Jacobs' moonlight transports her viewers into the wildness and mystery of the night. Gallery Hours are Tuesday through Saturday; Noon to 6:00pm or by appointment.
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